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Tips and Advice for Students

Looking for the answers to your questions?

Praxar provides a comprehensive Knowledge Base that allows both instructors and students to find the answers to a wide range of questions. Our Knowledge Base is designed to resolve many common queries in a simplified manner.

Searching for more resources?

In addition to the Knowledge Base, Praxar provides a Student Guide and an Introductory PowerPoint for students to review before beginning the simulation. Please ask your instructor for these documents if they have not yet been shared.

Hopeful for an easy way out?

In our simulations as in real life, it is not possible to cheat. Our simulations are created to replicate real-world scenarios and are designed for students to compete against their classmates. Many complex decisions must be made; therefore, a student can’t predict how fellow competitors will behave. The game is all about adjusting to the market at play.

Need more advice?

Here at Praxar, we love to see students thrive. So, without giving away too much information at this stage, here are two things we suggest you do to help you along the way; complete your Tutorials and play some rounds in your Practice Zone!

Preparation is one of the primary keys to success. And this is exactly why Praxar has integrated this section into our simulations. The Tutorials give students the inside scoop on what is happening in the simulation, including all of the key concepts used. The Practice Zone is exactly what it sounds like – a place to practice! This is to help students prepare for the ‘real’ simulation without the stress and pressure of results.

Forgot some key concepts?

Within the simulation, you will find many Question Mark icons such as this one:

Icône point d'intérogation

You will see them in helpful places. When clicking on these icons, you will be provided with more information on the topic displayed next to them.

Looking for info about registration?

Registration is simple. A short registration guide is provided by the instructors; it includes the 3-step process. Simply follow the instructions. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

Still have unanswered questions?

Get ready and take the challenge!


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