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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have questions about integrating simulations into a course outline? We have the answers!

What are business simulations?

Business simulations are learning tools where students become part of virtual businesses in an experiential and safe learning environment. In these simulations, students can apply theories and concepts in a realistic setting. This provides a unique opportunity to engage the students; they compete in the marketplace, individually or in teams, in the classroom or online.

Why use business simulations?

Integrating business simulations into your course allows students to receive hands-on experience in the business world. Our simulations add a winning edge to both classroom and online courses by providing students with a unique learning experience and offering instructors a robust teaching tool. Storytelling and role-playing are the cornerstones of all our simulations. The results are that students are motivated, engaged, competitive, and they are learning!

How do I integrate a simulation into my course outline?

We simplify the process for you. The Praxar team sets up personalized sessions with each instructor to learn about their pedagogy, their needs, and their expectations.

Our simulations can be used over a series of weeks or in an intensive mode. We help instructors decide their timeline and make sure that it aligns with their content. After that, the setup is painless. Finally, the Praxar team walks all instructors through the platform and ensures that they are comfortable using the simulation on their own.

How do I book a personal platform overview?

Please contact us via or simply ask for a demo. Our incredible team will promptly arrange a one-on-one session at a moment that is convenient for you.

When can I reach a representative?

Our team is available 24/7 for any questions.

How do students register?

Registration is simple. The instructors provide a short registration guide to the students. The guide describes the 3-step process as well as a video demonstrating how to register. Registration is in the hands of the students so instructors have more time to focus on what they are there for, teaching!

Can students cheat?

Simply answered, no. Our simulations are created to replicate real-world scenarios and are designed for students to compete against their classmates. Many detailed decisions must be made, therefore, it is impossible for a student to predict how their fellow competitors will behave. It is all about adjusting to the market at play. Even with the help of artificial intelligence technologies, it will be impossible to cheat!

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