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Praxar Marketing simulation

In the shoes of a Marketing Director

This interactive simulation offers your students the unique opportunity to lead the marketing department of a major video game publisher. They will face many challenges and have the opportunity to use essential marketing concepts.

The students are immersed in a concrete and realistic situation that will call upon their management skills and theoretical learning. Such a turnkey simulation undeniably enriches the course outline.

The Praxar team will assist you in the implementation of the simulation so you can reach your educational objectives and achieve the desired results.

Added value for instructors in Marketing classes. If you…

  • are looking for an online solution to engage your students;
  • want to implement creative and playful teaching methods;
  • are looking for tools to apply the theoretical learning;
  • want to enrich your course outline without getting overwhelmed,

… the Praxar Marketing simulation is for you!

Easy To Use

  • Only one meeting required to be up and running on the platform
  • Introductory slideshow and instructions for your students included in the teacher portal
  • Possibility to schedule activities according to your course outline with our Calendar tool
  • Customizable assessment tools and automatic assessment marking
  • Our team takes care of student support throughout the simulation process.


  • Praxar technology adapted to the specific needs of each trainer
  • Suitable for all types of classes, whether in-class, virtual or blended
  • Can be done over a few weeks or in an intensive mode
  • Adaptive web design suitable for all types of screens
  • For groups of 5 to 500 students
  • College or university level
  • Individual or team mode

Learning Tools

  • Tutorials
  • Contextual Aids
  • Advice provided by virtual managers
  • Price and budget calculator
  • Strategic positioning graph
  • Summary and detailed reports
  • Podium and World rankings

Integrated Assessment Tools

  • Quizzes (tutorials)
  • Practice Zone
  • Team performance
  • Performance indicators
  • Mini-cases
  • Logbook or essay
  • 360-degree evaluation (self, peer and team)
  • Questionnaires – Overview

A unique experience for Marketing students

Game-based learning allows students to experience the material being taught in a fun, concrete, and realistic context.

The students will be invited to identify the needs of several market segments. The essential concepts of an introductory marketing course are covered in the simulation: strategic segmentation, product life cycle, marketing mix (4Ps), product management, and customer service.

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Take the challenge, in-class or remotely!

Reporting to the General Manager, the students head the marketing department of a major video game publisher. They oversee the development and launch of new products, manage the current product portfolio, plan new editions or withdrawals of games in decline and determine the customer service policy.

As Marketing Director, students supervise a team of three managers: the Marketing Project Manager, the Product Manager and the Customer Service Manager. They monitor the performance of the departments and that of subordinate managers.

Simplified integration and technical support at all times

  • Personalized support, adapted to your pedagogical approach
  • Praxar takes care of all registrations
  • Support 7 days a week
  • Secure website
  • Canadian servers

Satisfied clients


Praxar’s business simulations are unique. They provide professors and students with many perspectives to understand the role of decision-makers in the modern business corporation. We get to make business decisions in real situations and get instant results and excellent feedback. At University, we study production, human resources, organizational behaviour, marketing, and sales in separate classes. In the Praxar simulations, we study every single element of the company, and thus, we get a better educational experience.

Dr Paul Moran

Institute for Market Studies, Spain


The Praxar simulations are a real added value in my teaching curriculum. They correspond perfectly to the expectations of a teacher in a practical case and allow them to really challenge their students. Moreover, the different simulations allow you to adapt to the level of each class from BTS to Master.

Kevin Rolando, Lecturer

ESTC Marseille, France


At Cambrian College, we pride ourselves on rolling up our sleeves and teaching our students “The Trade of Business”. Praxar Simulations help students think critically, develop strategies to apply business concepts in a meaningful way, all while having fun! 

Praxar Simulations have not only helped me to bring key business concepts in an applied learning environment but it’s also helped students better understand the interdependency of all functional areas of a business. 

From a soft skills perspective, students work in teams, participate in healthy debates. This strategy helps them develop sustainable relationship-building skills, problem-solving skills, and leadership skills.  Incorporating a Praxar simulation within a course design will help prepare your students to become more well-rounded business professionals, providing them with a competitive advantage as they enter the workforce.

In today’s dynamic teaching environment, I would highly recommend partnering with Praxar to create a better, more interactive learning experience for your students. The service and support Praxar’s teams of dedicated professionals provide set them apart from other options in the market.

Jean Beauchemin, Professor of Business

Cambrian College, Canada


The simulation is very real and engaging. I like the information, quizzes, industry reports, and suggestions for improving the students’ learning. But more importantly, students became more engaged and improved their understanding of different aspects of a business.

Dr Claudia Defuentes, Associate Professor of Management

Saint Mary’s University, Canada


Praxar’s kayak industry simulation has been an excellent addition to my graduate entrepreneurship course. I initially incorporated the simulation as an experiential learning tool to enhance and extend classroom learning and discussion efforts. Beyond serving as an outstanding complement in this regard, I quickly learned that it brought much greater value. Students became markedly more engaged within smaller team settings. The simulation also brought a sense of competitiveness across teams that only served to draw students in further. Students quickly realized that learning required much more than an isolated understanding of key concepts. They realized that success would require developing a more integrated sense of key concepts coupled with practice that leads to proficiency in using concepts to navigate the complexity of entrepreneurial activity.

Beyond the value of the simulation itself, the Praxar support team is simply exceptional. The team vests itself actively in the success of students and instructors with a level of responsiveness in support that is nothing short of rare to find today.

Dr Mark Schenkel, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Belmont University, USA


I’ve been using the Praxar golf simulation in my first-year management course for four semesters and with over 800 students. The feedback and student engagement with the simulation are always very positive. The simulation provides an easy-to-learn interface for students, but the decisions required by students are appropriately challenging. My favorite aspects of the simulation are that it fully incorporates social and environmental sustainability in a meaningful way and that it requires students to consider multiple areas of the business including accounting, human resources, operations management, and financing.

Dr Sandy Hilton, Associate Professor of Management

The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, Canada


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