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About Praxar

For more than 20 years, Praxar has worked with hundreds of instructors and thousands of college and university students.

Our business simulations provide an engaging, competitive, and effective learning experience for students, whether they are in the classroom or distance learning. Role-playing is the cornerstone of experiential learning and is at the heart of all our business simulations.

How It Started

I still vividly remember the first time I introduced a simulation in the classroom. The year was 1995, and the technology was from another era. Yet, as anxious as I was because of the novelty of the method and the technology, I soon realized that students were in control and that my role was to assist them. Also, to my surprise, the class suddenly became animated with team discussions and the desire to compete in a virtual industry. The very tangible excitement encouraged me to continue… and eventually build a company fully dedicated to immersive learning in the academic world.

Sobre Nosotros Luc Desaulniers, President and Founder of Praxar

Look at Us Now!

Twenty-five years later, the technology has reached another dimension, but the pedagogical challenge remains the same: we want to provide students with opportunities to participate in an immersive team exercise within the constraints of a classroom or of a virtual learning environment.

Throughout the years, we have always used a simple business model to constantly improve the pedagogical reach of our product line: we listen to the hundreds of instructors who use our simulations every year, and we make the best use of technology.

The Faces Behind the Screen

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about us

Luc Desaulniers

Founder and President

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Antoine Philibert Director de desarrollo en Praxar

Antoine Philibert

Director of Software Development

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Jean-Philippe Ross Integrador Web en Praxar

Jean-Philippe Ross

Web Integrator

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Meet the Praxar Community!

Some of our satisfied instructors


At Cambrian College, we pride ourselves on rolling up our sleeves and teaching our students “The Trade of Business”. Praxar Simulations help students think critically, develop strategies to apply business concepts in a meaningful way, all while having fun! 

Praxar Simulations have not only helped me to bring key business concepts in an applied learning environment but it’s also helped students better understand the interdependency of all functional areas of a business. 

From a soft skills perspective, students work in teams, participate in healthy debates. This strategy helps them develop sustainable relationship-building skills, problem-solving skills, and leadership skills.  Incorporating a Praxar simulation within a course design will help prepare your students to become more well-rounded business professionals, providing them with a competitive advantage as they enter the workforce.

In today’s dynamic teaching environment, I would highly recommend partnering with Praxar to create a better, more interactive learning experience for your students. The service and support Praxar’s teams of dedicated professionals provide set them apart from other options in the market.

Jean Beauchemin, Professor of Business

Cambrian College, Canada


The simulation is very real and engaging. I like the information, quizzes, industry reports, and suggestions for improving the students’ learning. But more importantly, students became more engaged and improved their understanding of different aspects of a business.

Dr Claudia Defuentes, Associate Professor of Management

Saint Mary’s University, Canada


Praxar’s business simulations are unique. They provide professors and students with many perspectives to understand the role of decision-makers in the modern business corporation. We get to make business decisions in real situations and get instant results and excellent feedback. At University, we study production, human resources, organizational behaviour, marketing, and sales in separate classes. In the Praxar simulations, we study every single element of the company, and thus, we get a better educational experience.

Dr Paul Moran

Institute for Market Studies, Spain


I’ve been using the Praxar golf simulation in my first-year management course for four semesters and with over 800 students. The feedback and student engagement with the simulation are always very positive. The simulation provides an easy-to-learn interface for students, but the decisions required by students are appropriately challenging. My favorite aspects of the simulation are that it fully incorporates social and environmental sustainability in a meaningful way and that it requires students to consider multiple areas of the business including accounting, human resources, operations management, and financing.

Dr Sandy Hilton, Associate Professor of Management

The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, Canada


The Praxar simulations are a real added value in my teaching curriculum. They correspond perfectly to the expectations of a teacher in a practical case and allow them to really challenge their students. Moreover, the different simulations allow you to adapt to the level of each class from BTS to Master.

Kevin Rolando, Lecturer

ESTC Marseille, France


Praxar’s kayak industry simulation has been an excellent addition to my graduate entrepreneurship course. I initially incorporated the simulation as an experiential learning tool to enhance and extend classroom learning and discussion efforts. Beyond serving as an outstanding complement in this regard, I quickly learned that it brought much greater value. Students became markedly more engaged within smaller team settings. The simulation also brought a sense of competitiveness across teams that only served to draw students in further. Students quickly realized that learning required much more than an isolated understanding of key concepts. They realized that success would require developing a more integrated sense of key concepts coupled with practice that leads to proficiency in using concepts to navigate the complexity of entrepreneurial activity.

Beyond the value of the simulation itself, the Praxar support team is simply exceptional. The team vests itself actively in the success of students and instructors with a level of responsiveness in support that is nothing short of rare to find today.

Dr Mark Schenkel, Professor of Entrepreneurship

Belmont University, USA

Student Success Stories


The simulation platform is the best I have ever used. I was able to make business decisions that would allow my company to compete with my classmates. It makes you want to play more and explore different business strategies. Definitely very realistic and easy to understand.

Can, Student


Very good! The platform is a perfect introduction to the complexities of real-life management. Enabling comparisons with our peers invite discussion amongst ourselves and further supports our academic development.

Sarah, Student


I think the simulation is very interesting and useful. I love the concept of simulating a business with real-life decisions and problems. I think it is well programmed and easy to manage.

Florence, Student


The competitiveness is what I really like most about the simulation! It also allows you to practice key concepts.

Michaël, Student


I was a little hesitant because I’ve never used a simulation before, but now 6 rounds in I’ve had a great experience with the platform. It’s been nice to be able to make changes and get feedback on our projects before we get into the real world.

Erin, Student


about us


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