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Praxar Comptable


Immerse your students in a virtual marketing department!

Participants must identify the needs of several market segments in the video game industry and understand the concept of product life cycle. They will respond with decisions regarding products, pricing, distribution, communication and promotion.


The ideal complement to marketing classes

The simulation covers the key concepts of introductory marketing courses: strategic segmentation, product lifecycle, marketing mix (the 4 Ps), product management and customer service.

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Choose your own settings

Teamwork or individual work.

Deployment at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the course.

Decisions in class or outside the classroom.

Selection of performance criteria.


Combine theory and practice

Let your students get virtual experience with analysis and decision-making in a simulation where mistakes provide learning opportunities.


Create an atmosphere of friendly competition

The Podium and the World Ranking get students interested and stimulate their desire to excel.


Effectively oversee your student's learning

Use the instructor interface to plan and control how the simulation unfolds. Instructors can also draw on the many available tools to monitor student participation and assess their knowledge.

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