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Praxar Comptable


Teach the accounting cycle online

Your students can simulate the first three steps of the accounting cycle in a virtual environment designed specifically for experiential learning.


Don’t waste any more time grading

Get detailed reports on the exercises for each student as well as their progression and grading information.



An evolving accounting platform

The introductory accounting simulation, Praxar Accounting First Edition, is now available. An advanced accounting simulation will be added in 2022.


Choose your own settings

You will have the opportunity to choose the type of inventory and journals to use in the simulation.


Identify difficulties

You can consult a summary report which allows you to quickly compare students and help identify those encountering difficulties in order to target your interventions in class or online.


Easy-to-use interactive site

The simulation includes data entry assistance that allows students to progress in the simulation without ever being blocked.

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